New Look!


In recent months we have worked hard for an entirely new look for Putoline Oil. Besides a new label design we will also introduce a new 4 litre can. During the Eicma in Milan, we presented the new look for the first time. We received a lot of positive feedback, a given with which we are very pleased because we are proud of the results.

The new 4-liter can

Sleek lines, contemporary, and robust. The first words visible on seeing the new packaging. But also recognisable and characteristic. The tried-and-tested Putoline Oil look and the modern design are blended seamlessly into one another.

This packaging range has been exclusively designed for Putoline Oil. Modern, high quality, bold and dynamic were the key concepts during the design process. And the results speak for themselves: a contemporary, exclusive can with attractive detailing.

Both professional users and consumers will identify with the design. The new 4 litres can matches very good with the existing 1 litre can.  The latter, therefore, remains unchanged.

The new can in Putoline Oil blue is a real eye catcher. The packaging also includes the following important features:

+Decorative anti-slip finish embossed on the handle | Firm grip
+ Logo | Exclusivity and familiar look and feel
+ The measurements are equivalent to the old can | Fits within the current shelf space
+ Size indication and sight stripe | Convenient and clear

Transformation Labels

The Putoline Oil labels have undergone a transformation! We have chosen a contemporary, unique look. Riders are at the centre of attention: the motorsport fans and motorcycle enthusiasts. Because ‘riders make bikes unique’!

Important features:
+ 15 languages
+ Clear symbols
+ High gloss labels
+ Clear layout
+ Comply with new legislation