Ups and downs for the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team at the GP of Belgium


The Yamaha van Beers Racing team had a tough outing at the GP of Belgium at Lommel last weekend, during the twelfth round for the World Championship MX1/MX2. Evgeny Bobryshev crashed hard in his first race and injured his sternum, forcing him out of the second race. Rob van Vijfeijken had mechanical problems in the first heat, and finished 15th in the second heat. Only Carlos Campano scored in both races with 14th and 19th place finishes respectively.

The Grand Prix of Lommel was definitely not Bobryshev's weekend. Despite a good preparation luck was against him and the young Russian wasn’t able to win any points. The misfortune started on Saturday already as he crashed in his qualifying race and had to come back from the rear, finally finishing 21st. Some more problems at the start of the first race forced him into another comeback, but just as he was moving into the points he crashed hard and injured his sternum. He decided not to start in the second race, and sits in 18th place in the world standings after this race.

Campano and Van Vijfeijken qualified in 22nd and 25th positions respectively. Both had to come back from bad starts in the first moto. Campano worked his way up to 14th, but Van Vijfeijken had to retire due to mechanical problems.
Van Vijfeijken started better in the second race but due a crash he dropped back to last position. After the crash he recovered well and eventually worked his way up to fifteenth position, for a good number of points. Campano started in 26th position and finally finished 19th.

Campano finished 18th overall and van Vijfeijken 22nd. Campano holds 20th position in the world standings and Van Vijfeijken 27th.

The World Championship Series continues at Loket in the Czech Republic next weekend.