Carlos Campano in the top ten at the Grand Prix in the Czech Republic


Carlos Campano from the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team finished in the top 10 at round 13 of the World Championship Series in Loket in the Czech Republic last Sunday. Carlos rode two strong motos and finished in 12th and in 11th place. Rob van Vijfeijken scored two World Championship points as well. Unfortunately Evgeny Bobryshev had some bad luck. In the first moto he finished in 21st place and just missed the points. In the second moto he rode inside of the top fifteen but due to mechanical problems he had to retire from the race.

Carlos Campano and Rob van Vijfeijken:

On Saturday things went very well for Carlos. He took a good start in the qualifying heat and finished the race in twelfth position. With this result he showed he has the speed to fight for top ten positions. Rob van Vijfeijken finished in 24th position in his qualification heat.
In the first moto Carlos took a good start and went into the first corner in 10th place. In the beginning the Yamaha van Beers rider was able to keep up with the high pace of the other riders. Just before the middle of the race he dropped back one place but three laps later he was able to retake 10th position. In the second part of the race he got some pressure from a group of riders behind him. Campano did his best but unfortunately lost two places and finished the race in 12th place. Rob van Vijfeijken worked himself from the back of the field back up to 22nd place but did not score World Championship points.
In the second moto Carlos took a good start again and this time he came out of the first corner in 11th position. In the beginning he was able to maintain himself in 12th place but due to a mistake he dropped back to 15th place. Carlos recovered well and rode very well in the second part of the race. He managed to pass several riders and finished the race in 11th position. Rob van Vijfeijken had a better start in the second moto and in the beginning of the race he had a lot of nice duels for 20th place. Just after the middle of the race Rob moved into 20th place and kept the pace as high as possible. Soon after he passed another rider and finally finished the race in 19th place.
Carlos finished tenth overall while Rob had to be satisfied with 23rd position. After thirteen rounds Carlos Campano sits in 17th position and Rob van Vijfeijken is in 28th position.

Evgeny Bobryshev:

Evgeny Bobryshev was very motivated to do well in this Grand Prix, but on Saturday the young Russian immediately got some bad luck. In his qualification heat he worked himself back up from sixteenth position to 12th position but due to a mechanical problem he had to retire from the race.
Despite his bad starting position he was able to take a decent start in the first moto. He came out of the first corner in 18th place but unfortunately he crashed in the first lap and dropped back to 31st position. Evgeny recovered well and managed to pass a lot of riders during the riders. Bobryshev came close but with 21st place he was unable to score points.
In the second moto he went into first corner just outside of the top 15. In the beginning he had some nice duels around 15th place but with only 8 laps to go he took over this position and moved into 15th place. Shortly after he had a mechanical problem and was forced to leave the race.

After thirteen rounds Evgeny sits in 20th position in the World Championship Standings. In three weeks time the second to last rounds of the World Championship Series will be held in Lierop in Holland.