Evgeny Bobryshev takes over the lead in the Dutch Championship Series


The Yamaha van Beers racing team has had a successful day at the 4th round of the Dutch Open Championship Series in Oss last Sunday. Evgeny Bobryshev won in the MX2 class and took over the lead in the championship standings. Rob van Vijfeijken also did well. He finished 3rd overall in the MX1 class.

The circuit in Oss was in a good condition despite the heavy rain in the days before the race. Both Yamaha riders started the day very motivated. Evgeny and Rob were able to set the third fastest time in their class and were satisfied with this.

Evgeny Bobryshev:

In the first moto Evgeny was in the lead for a long time but in the closing stages of the race the 2nd place rider surprised him. Evgeny dropped back to second but tried to come back in the final laps. He came close but finally he had to be satisfied with second position. In the second moto Evgeny waited for a chance. He followed the leader until the middle of the race and then overtook him. In the closing stages the 2nd place rider closed the gap but Evgeny picked up the pace again and crossed the finish line in first position. Evgeny took the overall win in Oss and took over the lead in the championship.

Rob van Vijfeijken:

In the first moto Rob took a good start and came out of the first corner in second position. In the beginning he worked himself up to 1st place and was in the lead for a while. After that he dropped back to 3rd place in which he finished. In the second moto Rob didn’t took a good start and started the race in 10th place. Van Vijfeijken came back trough the field with consistent lap times and in the closing stages of the race he closed the gap on the third place rider. Rob didn’t had enough time to make a pass stick and crossed the finish line in fourth position. Rob finished third overall and sits in third position in the championship after the race in Oss.