Carlos Campano scores best result of the season in Brazil


The Yamaha van Beers rider Carlos Campano finished seventh overall at the last round of the World Championship Series in Canelinha in Brazil last Sunday. In the first moto he had a not so good start but recovered well and finished in 11th place. In the second moto he took a better start and after a strong race he finished in 6th place.
Due to the heavy rain prior to the event the organisation decided to skip the Saturday programme. On Sunday morning the riders had a free practice session of ten minutes and straight after they had a time practice of twenty minutes. Carlos set the 14th fastest time and was satisfied with that result.

In the first moto Carlos did not had a good start and came out of the first corner in 20th place. Carlos immediately started to put the pressure on the riders in front of him and after a few nice passes he moved into 15th position. He wasn’t satisfied yet and kept the pace as high as possible. In the middle of the race he worked himself up into 12th position and with still five laps to go he passed the 11th place rider. In the rest of the moto he kept his head cool and crossed the finish line in 11th position.

The start of the second moto was good and this time he went into the first corner inside of the top ten. He found his rhythm straight away and before the middle of the race he moved into 6th position. Carlos rode consistent lap times and was able to finish the race in 6th position.

Carlos finished seventh overall and finished in 16th position in the Final World Championship Standings. Rob van Vijfeijken and Evgeny Bobryshev didn’t compete at the Grand Prix of Brazil. Evgeny finished in 20th position in the Final World Championship Standings MX2 and Rob van Vijfeijken ended the season in the MX1 class in 26th position. The next race for the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team will be the fifth round of the Dutch Open Championship Series at Emmercompascuum (Holland) at the 27th of September.