Product update


Behind the scenes we are continuously committed to optimize our product offer and our services. Below you find an update of the latest developments in the field of products and packing.

New, stylish 1 litre carton

Not only the content matters, but definitely also how it is presented. Appearance and recognition of Putoline Oil products are very important, that’s why we proudly present our new trendy 1 litre carton. This packing is now in accordance with the full colour large packing line and is representative for the Putoline Oil brand. Soon we will also restyle the 4 litres cartons.


New paper coffee cups

In addition we renewed our Putoline Oil coffee cups. These cups are available at cost price (€ 0,05).





New cardboard spouts offer comfort

The full colour spout, in Putoline style, was especially developed to bring an end to spilling liquids when pouring them. The cardboard spout can be attached to the bottle in question and can easily be folded into a clever funnel and placed on the 1-litre bottle. The so-called 2Tap is an affordable and environmental friendly replacement of the plastic funnel. The force of this product is its simplicity: just fold it out, place it on the neck and pour! The cardboard spouts can be ordered at cost price (€ 0,06).




RS 959 with Ester Tech formulation

Putoline Ester Tech RS 959 represents the very latest in two-stroke racing oil technology for road, kart and scooter. This 100% synthetic oil contains Putoline's revolutionary "pure bike" ESTER TECH additive system, which ensures that exceptional film strength and load-carrying properties are achieved and maintained in even the most extreme racing conditions. Ester Tech RS 959 is suitable for both pre-mix & auto lube injection systems.