Product Update: Putoline Oil aerosol product line


Product Update: Putoline Oil aerosol product line
In order to make our aerosol product line more uniform we decided to offer all our aerosols in 500 ml and / or 600 ml packing, with the exception of our Desert Chainspray, we will continue delivering this product in 750 ml aerosol. Due to this decision all 200 ml aerosols are going to be eliminated. In addition we chose to combine the products mentioned below, given their almost similar applications:

70290 500 ml aerosol Putoline Penetrating Oil with
70000 500 ml aerosol Putoline 1000+1 Universal
New product:

70713 500 ml Putoline 1001 Penetrating Spray


200 ml aerosol Putoline Cablespray with
200 ml aerosol Putoline Motorcycle PTFE Spray
New product:

70714 500 ml aerosol Putoline PTFE Cable Guard

Putoline 1001 Penetrating Spray is a multi purpose spray with a strong penetrating capacity. It lubricates and it displaces and repels moisture. 1001 Penetrating spray protects all metals. Due to its special composition, the spray can be used on motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, jet-skis, boats, cars, locks, hinges, grass mowers, engines and for lubricating purposes at home.



Putoline PTFE Cable Guard is a special multi purpose high performance lubricant. It provides long-term lubrication even under extreme pressure and heavy load. PTFE Cable Guard is particularly suitable for Bowden cables.