Yamaha van Beers Racing Team starts season with a podium finish


The yamaha van Beers Racing Team started the season with a podium finish. At he Belgium season opener at Lommel Tom Soderstrom rode his Yamaha to third overall in the MX1 class. Ceriel Klein Kromhof did well too. He finished sixth overall in the MX2 class.

The track in Lommel was frozen. Both Yamaha van Beers riders took no risk in practice and tried to find the good lines for the race. Finally, Ceriel set the fifth fastest time in the MX2 class and Tom came back to the paddock with a ninth position in the MX1 class.

Ceriel came out of the gate well in the first moto and had to come back from twelfth position. It wasn’t easy for Ceriel to pass the riders in front of him because most of the riders had the same pace around the frozen track of Lommel. But lap after the lap he moved up on the ladder and finally finished the race in seventh position. In the second moto Ceriel fought for the win but a crash in the middle of the race dropped him back to sixth position. In the second part of the race he managed to pass two riders and crossed the chequered flag in fourth position. Ceriel finished sixth overall in Lommel.

Tom Soderstrom had to start in last position in the first race because he ran into the gate. In the first lap he already made a lot of passes and came by start/finish in eight position. During the race he worked himself up to third position and in the closing stages he was able to take over second position. The leader was already to far gone so Tom settled for second in the first moto.

In the second moto he started around tenth position. This time he moved into second position in the beginning of the race and was able to keep it in his hands till the chequered flag waved! Tom finished third overall at Lommel.

The Yamaha van Beers Racing Team will continue their preparation for the upcoming season!