Good results for the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team at first Dutch Open round at Mill


The Yamaha van Beers Racing Team gained good results at the first round of the Dutch Open Championship Series at Mill, March 14. Ceriel Klein Kromhof was riding in the top five in both motos, but due to a mechanical problem he finished only in fourth position. Tom Soderstrom did well too and finished fourth overall in the MX1 class.

The circuit in Mill was well prepared and with several rhythm sections it was pretty technical. In the MX2 practice it was really busy on the track but Ceriel tried to make the best of it. After several laps he set the sixth fastest time, which was good enough for a good gate pick in the first moto. Tom Soderstrom rode his Yamaha 450F to a seventh position in the MX1 class.

Ceriel Klein Kromhof:

The start of the first moto was good and Klein Kromhof entered the first corner inside of the top five. He worked himself up to fourth position and managed to held on to this position till his bike stalled in the rhythm section Ceriel tried everything he could but couldn’t restart his bike and had to retire from the race.

In the second moto he took a good start as well and at the end of the first lap he came by start/finish in fourth position. In the beginning of the race he was able to keep fourth position but in the middle of the race he dropped back to fifth position. Ceriel followed the fourth place rider and in the closing stages he gave everything he had to regain this position. He managed to do this and finished the race in fourth position.
Due to the fact that Ceriel didn’t score points in the first race he finished tenth overall.

Tom Soderstrom:

In the first moto he took a decent start and came out of the first lap in about tenth position. In the beginning of the race he worked himself up to fifth position but at that moment the first four riders were already too far away to pass. In the second part of the race he lost his rhythm and dropped back to sixth position in which he finished.

In the second moto he started inside of the top ten as well. At the end of the first lap he came by start/finish in eight position. He found his rhythm straight away and worked himself up to third position. The pace upfront was a little bit too high and because of this he dropped back to fourth position some laps later. Tom kept pushing and finished the race in fourth position.

Tom finished fourth overall in Mill. The series will continue in two weeks time at Halle.