Putoline Oil offers a completely new additive technology


Daniel Willemsen, many times world champion in sidecar motocross racing and experienced tester: “The use of this top product is an important factor for success, also because it helps us achieve world class performance. With Putoline Oil Nano Trans GP we hope to become world champion for the eighth time this year.”

We recently introduced our new product, Putoline Oil Nano Trans GP with the “pure bike” Nano Tech additive technology system. Nano Trans GP is the most advanced transmission oil ever produced by Putoline Oil for two- and four stroke transmissions. The combination of the Nano tech additives and 100% synthetic base oils ensures excellent protection against wear of all transmission parts, and an unparalleled grip of the clutch for top performance throughout the race.

Laboratory tests prove…

Various and extensive laboratory testing of the product has shown that there is considerable wear reduction in the clutch pads and other transmission components when compared with conventional transmission oils. And so these parts last a lot longer. The product itself also lasts much longer than conventional (synthetic) products, so that regular oil changes can be at least halved. This is due, among other things, to the reduced wear and less heat production thanks to better viscosity of the transmission oil (does not thicken as quickly). Infrared analysis has shown that the effective operation of the Nano Tech additive technology system hardly changes at all during the entire working life. Your guarantee of optimum lubrication, also in the longer term!

Replacement for…

Putoline Oil Nano trans GP is a transmission oil which can be used as a replacement product in all applications where the following Putoline Oil products are advised: Putoline Oil Gear Light, Putoline Oil Gear Medium, Putoline Oil GP 10, Putoline Oil GP 80 and Putoline Oil RS 75.

Gian leap forward...

Putoline Oil Nano trans GP is a giant leap forward in comparison with all existing transmission oil technologies. Nano Technology is a science concerned with particles smaller than one-billionth part of a metre. To put this into perspective: One nanoparticle can be compared to a football in relation to the earth. The production of lubricant additives, which are so effective, in combination with the right base oils, is a relatively new development. Putoline Oil plays a pioneering role in this, from which many motorbike riders can profit!