12th July 2010

BEC Rd 4 Knighton Enduro

Team KORR traveled to the 4th round of the BEC knowing that it must repeat its form from the last round and take class wins on both days to keep championship hopes alive. Both Greg and Daryl have shown fantastic form recently and only David Knight has been able to better them in the UK. The Central Wales Auto Club had once again marked out 2 excellent special tests close to the Radnor forest which would provide great viewing for spectators and close racing for the competitors.

Day 1 and Greg left the start determined to win and really put Knighter under pressure by winning the first 2 tests and taking a 4 second lead, on the remaining tests both DK and Greg battled over fractions of a second followed closely by teammate Daryl on his 250F. In the final stages Greg made a small mistake on the cross-country test and David moved in front by 0.58 of a second. Knighter then opened a 4 second advantage on the last 2 MX test to win the day. But Greg finished a strong runner up and took more importantly the E2 class win , likewise Daryl also won the E1 class convincingly and took 3rd overall. KORR Expert rider James Giddings also enjoyed a good outing by winning the E1 Expert class on his Premier Bikes 125 EXC.

Day 2 and we hoped that we might just be able to push David again but he had upped his pace a little after overnight changes to his factory machine, there was no parc ferme so riders had all evening if they wished to prepare bikes for day 2. Knighter confidently won all tests on Day 2 with Daryl and Greg closely behind with Daryl taking his turn to lead the KORR team and finish 2nd overall having made a 2 second advantage over Greg on the 7 tests of the day. But Greg in the final lap on a tight check misread his time card and accidentally clocked in 1 minute early which dropped him to 7th overall but still made 2nd in E2 class, so luckily it did not greatly affect his championship position. James again had a good day in the experts and finished 2nd in the E1 class. After this weekend both Daryl and Greg lead their respective E1 and E2 classes in the BEC along with David Knight who leads the overall.