After a very interesting season, we finally managed to take home an 8th Grand Prix title.
Knowing that Gertie was having health issues and had been advised by his doctor not to ride sidecar in the final Grand Prix in Slagelse, Denmark and Rudersberg, Germany, we were faced with a dilemma. We were delighted that Dagwin Sabbe could help us get the job done. And so there were 3 rather than 2 World Champions in Rudersberg, namely Daniël, Gertie Eggink and Dagwin Sabbe.

Despite various protests by a competitor to the jury, they were unsuccessful in getting us disqualified from the race in Rudersberg, and rightly so because there was absolutely no reason.
We were lucky in that our main competitor had a bad start in the first leg, so that we only needed to finish the race without further ado and hope that we wouldn't be faced with any mechanical problems.
My technicians had done their job wonderfully however, and the final leg was completed just as we expected.

The Willemsen team is delighted with the victory! For more spectacular pictures, check out:

Daniël received the KNMV Beaufort Cup for the fourth time, which is the highest award in the Dutch motorsports world.