New Look Fuel Additives


Putoline Oil Fuel Additives have a new look! The new bottle is easy to hold and makes it easy to dose. A funnel is unnecessary.

The product line has also been expanded with a new product: Fuel Inject & Valve Cleaner is a professional petrol additive for cleaning petrol injection systems. The product removes all deposits, such as tar, varnish and resin throughout the fuel system (tank, pump, injectors, valves and combustion chambers) so that the fuel vaporization and combustion are returned to optimum condition. This improves the engine power output and reduces fuel consumption. The cleaner also provides for easy cold start, prevents irregular idling, misfiring during acceleration and minimizes the exhaust gas emissions.

The product line now contains Fuel Stabilizer,  Fuel Conditioner  and Fuel Inject & Valve Cleaner