Putoline Oil sponsors Serco Racingteam in 2012


The Serco Racingteam, established in Lemelerveld, is active in Dutch Motor sports for nearly 10 years.

The team has experience with multiple drivers, they have always battled in the Dutch Superbikes. In 2010 and 2011, Danny de Boer was the Serco driver, with success: he became Champion ONK 2010!

Large shoes to fill for his 19-year old successor Kevin Valk! Despite his age, Kevin has al lot of experience in motor sports. He regularly became Champion Minibike Junior A/B and last year he became third in the ONK Supersport 600cc, that looks very promising!

We wish Serco Racingteam and Kevin Valk a lot of success for 2012!

Danny de Boer for Serco Racingteam