Putoline Oil Racing team headed for Spain


Season 2012 will finally begin! Allard didn't sit on a motorcycle since October. He has spent many hours in his workshop, but no high-speed, knees on the ground or wheelies. He is very excited!

Yesterday afternoon, the race trailer headed south, destination Valencia. Allard will test his new Kawasaki on the racetrack. Dunlop is also present with the latest tyres and the experts from the Netherlands and the development department from England.

Allard is no stranger on this racetrack but the last time he was in Valencia was in 2008. After two days in Valencia, the team will move to Aragon. This relatively new but also technical and long track is used for both MotoGP and World Superbikes. In the coming days, Allard will spend some time watching the on board videos of his predecessors to become familiar with the track.

Although the team already knows what the Kawasaki ZX10-R is capable of, they have implemented a number of improvements and changes this winter.: the engine is a few pounds lighter and has more power due to a new Laser-exhaust, it has another fork, Moto Master brake discs and there are a lot of software adjustments planned.  It was hard work to get the Kawasaki ready in time!

The tests take place in Valencia March 9 to 10, and March 12-13 in Aragon.