Steffi unstoppable in Dutch Open!


Steffi was able to take the lead in the last round of the Dutch Open. It was all eyes on her if she could keep this one going and expand her leading position.
So she did...

We went to the deep sand of Gemert which was in perfect condition. After the heavy rain of the past day’s they did a superb job to make the track perfect. The German “Rockbitch” showed her Rabbit Kawasaki  in front of the game and scored with a double win. The superb Goldentyres pulled her straight into a double holeshot! It would bring a strong lead in the championship with only 2 rounds left!

Steffi Laier: "I am very pleased about this weekend. The organisation flattened out the complete track before the races and I was not so happy with this as I really like heavy racing conditions. However my Rabbit Kawasaki pushed me 2 times into the first corner. Then I was cruzing... During the first race it was not easy to find the right rhythm however I managed  to pull 56 sec away from Veenstra. The second moto Nocera did come to my side at the start and I showed the power of my Kawasaki. The riding went superb then and I felt great on the bike. My promax suspension helped me into the deep sessions and I felt so relaxed and easy on the bike... It was fun! The last weeks I am training with my mental coach again like I did last years and it gave me a good boost. We changed some things about the bike and I feel at home on my Rabbit Kawasaki. In the next weeks I hope to train some more and get stronger as I am looking forward to take some wins again!”