9 World Championship points for Rob van Vijfeijken in Valkenswaard


Rob van Vijfeijken from the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team has scored 9 World Championship points at his home Grand Prix in Valkenswaard (The Netherlands). Van Vijfeijken finished in 18th position in the first moto and finished even better in the second moto in 15th position. Carlos Campano and Evgeny Bobryshev had bad luck last Sunday. Both racers were unable to score points due to technical problems and due some crashes.

Rob van Vijfeijken was determined to get good results in front of his own audience in Valkenswaard. In the first moto he had a bad start and started the race in the top 20. In the beginning of the race Rob could not find his right rhythm but after a while he started to ride better and he was able to ride his van Beers Yamaha across the finish line in 18th position.   In the second moto the rider scored an even better result. From 19th position he was able to race to 13th position. Unfortunately Rob had to give away a few positions in the closing stages of the race and finished 15th after a very good race.

Evgeny Bobryshev showed everyone on Saturday that he has the speed to race inside of the top ten. In his qualification heat he did very well and came back from 20th position to 12th position. In the first moto on Sunday he was racing in the top 15 but due to a broken oil line he lost oil during the entire race. The result of this was that his engine didn't work as good as Evgeny was used to. Evgeny kept on racing and did his best but he was forced to retire while racing in 13th position. In the second moto he fell while racing in 14th position. Due to this he had to continue in 18th position. He got on his motor very quick and tried to win some positions. But soon after he fell again and this time it took him a while before he could restart his bike and so he finished in 32nd position.

Carlos Campano started the first moto in 17th position and was able to keep his place almost the entire race. But due to a big crash in the final part of the race he had to retire and scored no points in the first moto. In the second moto Carlos did not have good luck as well. In the beginning of the race he did very well and raced from outside the top 20 to 16th position. But soon after he collided with another rider and fell, he injured his leg with this and was unable to race any further.

Upcoming weekend the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team will start at the 5th round of the World Championship Series in Agueda in Portugal.