World Champion Sidecarcross for the 10th time!


Since a few days I can call myself world champion sidecarcross again, for the 10th time! A result which I am particularly proud of and have achieved after a tough season. I now realize that I have achieved this after months of struggle. Last Monday, Kenny and I and the other team members were welcomed in my hometown Lochem, an initiative of the motorcycle SEV. It was the 10th time, but you don't get use to it: al these enthousiastic people are there especially for you! 

If we look back at this year, we can look back on a heavy but fantastic season. It began dramatically when Harald Kurpnieks had to quit after the first game. I almost lost courage but one week later, Kenny van Gaalen was standing in the sidecar and we have won a Grand Prix! Nevertheless the disadvantage we had looked almost hopeless. But our team never had any doubts and we had only one motto: attack! That is exactly what we did and we managed to slowly catch up with the other teams. Until the disastrous weekend in France... Kenny was seriously injured to his knee and for the second time I didn't have a teammate in the sidecar. But then, as a gift from heaven, Lauris Daiders came to enforce our team. With Lauris I could finish the job. Never loose heart, always keep fighting, you can win most points at the end of the season. And we made it! Thanks to three fantastic passengers, a fantastic team and my wonderful sponsors!