GP Brou


GP Brou , France

Last weekend was the GP in France , the motoclub Brou organized the 4th GP. In the free practises we quikly found the right set up and were ready for the qualification race.   The hole shot in the gruop B qualification was ours, and we did lead the race, untill the rear rimlock was broken And cutted our rear tyre in pieces. Game over.   Finaly we qualified as 12th.   Sunday we had to start from the second row, wich means realy bad start position.  From place 21 to place 5 was the maxium in the first race and we had to try harder in the second heat.   Heat 2 we started better , place 16 in the first corner and much more better weather conditions. We  run up till place 8 wenn the man with the hammer came, 32 degree and not enough racing means we were totaly tired.   Result 5 and 8, could be better !   Next race, Dutch open in Holten coming weekend. Team Willemsen  

Photo: Tristan Carriere