Bike maintenance | Ready for take of when the sun begins to shine


Bike maintenance

In the past few days, the weather was beautiful! And there is more to come. Make sure your bike is ready for take-off as soon as the sun begins to shine; the right maintenance is important.

Fuel Inject and Valve Cleaner
This professional petrol additive gives the fuel system a boost. The entire injection system or the carburettors are cleaned and it optimises fuel atomization and combustion. In the end, this results in a reduction of fuel consumption.

Tech Chain
Is a ceramic chain lubricant for O-ring and X chains. Applying is easy with the special smart straw!

Protect chain and sprockets with a special chain lubricant. Drytec comes in an aerosol. It penetrates deep inside the chain ad leaves a protective layer meaning that dirt cannot stick to the chain. If used regularly, it minimises wear to chain and sprockets

RS1 Bike Wash Pro
A shiny bike, the reason to polish! Achieve maximal results with minimal effort  = more time to ride J. RS1 Bike Wash protects all metal parts against corrosion. The product can be used safely on basically any surface, including aluminium, chrome, rubber and plastic. After cleaning it leaves a brilliant shine.

Helmet Sanitizer
See the world through a clean visor. Leaves a fresh citrus smell in the lining of the helmet.

Nano Tech 4+
You will keep the engine in top condition with our Nano Tech 4+ products; the high tech product range by Putoline Oil.

V-Twin range
Are you the proud owner of a V-Twin? Than use a product from our V-Twin range. Three exclusive products especially developed for V-Twin engines.

Product advice
Make sure you have the right product for your bike. You’ll find professional advice on this website.