Putoline Oil and Pata Yamaha Ten Kate Racing will continue powerful cooperation in 2024, 2025 and 2026!


Putoline Oil and Pata Yamaha Ten Kate Racing recently signed a 3-year agreement. It's proven that this partnership is known for its strength and innovativeness. The organisations from Almelo and Nieuwsleusen in The Netherlands have been linked for years. Partly thanks to the MotoNext project, this partnership has only grown stronger over time. Within the MotoNext project, promising sustainability initiatives in racing have been jointly developed—enough reasons for both parties to re-sign for at least three years.

Besides the active contribution to developing the N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 a few years ago, Ten Kate Racing has been thoroughly testing Putoline Oil's latest innovation, N-TECH® BBR+, in 2023. Originating from the MotoNext project, this N-TECH® BBR+ is the first engine oil where biobased synthetic esters and high-quality re-refined base oils have replaced the traditional base oils. This product means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions during production, and with the introduction of this more sustainable N-TECH® BBR+, Putoline Oil is leading the way in the motorcycle world.

Once again, sponsorship has a more profound impact than just increasing a brand's visibility. Technological and innovative opportunities coming from this collaboration can really change the standard.

Kervin Bos, Team manager van Pata Yamaha Ten Kate Racing Yamaha

"We have worked together successfully in recent years at Ten Kate Racing and Ten Kate Racing Products. Not only in terms of sporting achievements on the track but certainly also within our company and the MotoNext project. Together, we have developed several promising sustainability initiatives, with which we have set a new standard within the sport. Both as a team and as a company, we always strive for the best and set the bar high when it comes to finding the right partners. In Putoline Oil, we found a partner that aims for the same high-quality standards as we do. Thus, it is logical for us to continue the cooperation and our partnership and extend it for another three years."

Leon ten Hove, marketing manager Putoline Oil 

"Over the past decade, Putoline Oil has continued developing into an internationally appreciated leading brand in the ROAD segment. Regarding sponsorship, we always look for partners that match the high-quality standard we seek. We prefer to use the exposure potential of teams in World Championships of the most important segments for our brand. It's a pleasure to work hand in hand with the Ten Kate team, making it an obvious choice. We both share the same enthusiasm for achieving success in racing and within the Ten Kate companies. For us, an important value and basis for the 3-year agreement we are now entering into with each other. We look forward to the coming years!"

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Technical support at the highest level of motorsport 

Being a partner at the highest level of motorsports requires considerable support and technical knowledge. Putoline Oil employs its years of experience to assist the team in the field of lubricants and maintenance products. 

Putoline Oil, Driven By Technology 

Putoline Oil is characterized by a high-quality, attractive, and complete product range dedicated to the motorcycle industry. Flexibility and fast reaction to market developments are of great importance. Through constant research and an innovative policy, the Putoline assortment is always of high quality and is up-to-date with the ever-changing demands of the motorcycle industry.