Interview with the Andalusian Putoline Oil rider Antonio Villegas


Interview with the Andalusian Putoline Oil rider Antonio Villegas “In Almenar I rode much weaker , but now I am at 100%” For Antonio Villegas, what could be one of the most important races of the 2016 season, has arrived. The next weekend he will defend the Spanish Motocross Championship in Almodóvar del Río, Córdoba. The only time the Championship is held in Andalucía.

1 How did Antonio Villegas end up in Motocross?
Well, when I was little mi nephew who was CEV Champion of Spain, took me to the circuits and I flipped out. He worked next to my house and was clung and nagged me all day to have a go on his motorbike.

2 Have you recovered a 100% from your injury?
Yes, thanks to Doctor Emilio López Vidriero who did fantastic work operating twice on my shoulder. In the race in Almenar I rode much weaker, but now I am at 100%.

3 At the moment you are the Spanish Champion in MX3. How will you defend your title?
Great…… hahahaha, well, We only have done one race so far in which I wasn’t in the best form. At the moment I am third in the Championship, with the same number of points as Ortuño, who is second in the overall standings. But now I am in better shape and can make it difficult for him.

4 Last year with Kawasaki and now in 2016 with KTM. Have you adapted to the new ride?
The truth is: yes. The KTM is a great motorcycle, but I didn’t ride one since I was 3rd in the World Junior Enduro in 1999. I have adapted well to this great ride and am much better prepared this time around.

5 In short, the Spanish Championship arrives in Andalucía, in fact in Almodóvar del Río, Córdoba. What are your expectations for this race?
So, the Moto Club de Almodóvar is preparing this race very well, wishing it to be at the top of the Championship with such magnitude, and that certainly the hand of Alfonso Luna will come through in a good way. Of course I hope that the considerable heat during this weekend will not affect the riders who are coming here.

6 Only six races in MX3, would you not like a longer Championship?
Yes, sure I would like it! 6 or 7 races would be good. Also I would like that all races are held Saturday and Sunday. It is a Spanish Championship and the races should be organized as such. Then we will have time to learn the circuits, the tracks and adjust the bikes to suit it best.  With the actual format of one day where we much reduced have free and timed practice, all riders have complaints against these circumstances. It would not be bad to have the same format as the Mx1 and MX2, I believe we will gain a lot in safety and have less cost. Because when you want to do it well, you are obligated to train beforehand on the same circuit and that amounts to additional costs of transport.

7 At various races you meet with the youngest in the Paddock. Has there been anyone particular who has drawn your attention because  of their development? Have you thought, that kid is going places?
It pleases me to get this question. The truth is that I am looking at them closer that they think. In 65 cc Pablo Gutierrez and after that is Fran Carbonero who just came from 50cc, but they give lots to talk about. In 125cc Joel Antón, Alex Santín and Sergi Notario. In Under 18, José Antonio Aparicio, Xurxo Pujol, Borja Martin, Yago Martínez and Joaquín Camacho. I look at them  closely and some others as well. The future of Motocross is arriving strongly!

8 In your judgment, what values must an MX rider represent?
Professionalism, modesty, sacrifice and a good appreciation of detail.

9 Correct me if I am wrong, but Motocross in Andalucía is growing and has always been a big seedbed of good riders, what is the reason for that?
Certainly, we always have had a good potential of riders. Motocross is very alive in Andalucía, we have good circuits and much affection. The [economic] crisis we have noted well in our area, and as a consequence we lost various young and good riders. On the other hand within the FAM (Andalusian Motorcycle Federation) the last few years the pairing of a delegate of Motorcross Jonathan Villa has given the sport an important turnaround. He is doing a great job in the Andalusioan Championship and with the youngest riders. In the near future this will start to deliver results.
Thanks Antonio for replying to our call. We hope you have a good weekend in Almodovar del Rio.