Bolter tops Putoline Oils Elite Sprint Enduro ‘09




Bolter tops Putoline Oils Elite Sprint Enduro ‘09

Daryl Bolter has won the Putoline Oils Elite Sprint Enduro ’09, the first enduro sprint event ever to be run in the UK. Fending off close competition from his KTM UK team-mate Greg Evans, and dealing impeccably with the changing track conditions, Bolter claimed a 47 second winning margin having completed just over one-and-a-half hours of special test racing around the spectacular Cwmythig Hill circuit in Mid Wales.

Although only a handful of second ahead of Evans on each of the day’s first two tests Bolter opened up a healthy lead after laps three and four as mistake by Evans cost him dear. With weather conditions changing just before the back-to-back Marathon laps, Bolter continued to clock up winning test after winning test and only failed to post the fastest time on the 10th and final test.

Not quite able to keep pace with Bolter Greg Evans found himself spanning the gap between the eventual race winner and TM mounted Irishman Philip McLaughlin in third. With McLaughlin having spent much of the early part of the day battling against PAR Homes Honda rider Lee Edmondson, as the track got wetter so the World Enduro Championship regular got faster. Eventually claiming the third and final podium position alongside Bolter and Evans, McLaughlin finished 26 seconds clear of fourth placed Edward Jones. With Lee Edmondson putting in a solid day’s riding for fifth overall Suzuki mounted Matt Ridgway was the highest placed non-Championship class rider, and topped the Trail Bike Magazine 21 and Under prize.

Kawasaki mounted Mark Davies secured a well-deserved ninth overall and was awarded the Insight Renewables Stand out Performance. Daryl Bolter topped the CJ Bird Transport Fastest Lap with a time of 8.34:3, on lap one. Gethin Price, Frazer Norrie and Rheinallt Davies shared the Michelin tyre Rider’s Rider prizes. Finally, Chris Bird and Richard Ellwood picked up the ISO2 Sports Nutrition product awards.

Jonty Edmunds – Event Organiser: “Despite the weather being very Welsh I’m extremely pleased with the way the everything ran. The event was all about testing the riders while also trying something new. Everything was a big learning curve, but I’m pleased that from the organisational side things went well. Despite being a new concept the riders were more than willing to give something new a go, and I got the impression that everyone really enjoyed it. Every aspect of the race could have been done slightly differently but as the first sprint enduro what I wanted was to put down a definite starting point, from which changes and improvements can be made. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported the Putoline Oils Elite Sprint Enduro – sponsors, helpers, spectators and riders.”

Daryl Bolter – Race Winner: “I’m made up with my result, and the way everything has gone today. The weather wasn’t great but despite that everything’s run well and there’s been great racing all day. I had a few problems with the way my bike was running this morning but thanks to the help of my support team we got it fixed and I was able to win nine of the 10 special tests. The fact that the weather changed after the first few laps made it really interesting, the track was much more technical when it was wet. All the riders I spoke to said that they enjoyed the day so I hope this event can be the start of something positive for the British enduro scene.”

Results – Putoline Oils Elite Sprint Enduro ’09 (top 10)

1. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 1.31:41.7; 2. Greg Evans (KTM) 1.32:28.3; 3. Philip McLaughlin (TM) 1.33:26.9; 4. Edward Jones (KTM) 1.34:09.7; 5. Lee Edmondson (Honda) 1.34:09.7; 6. Matt Ridgway (Suzuki) 1.35:17.6; 7. Ashley Wood (Gas Gas) 1.35:55.9; 8. Dylan Jones (Yamaha) 1.36:48.4; 9. Mark Roberts (Kawasaki) 1.37:09.9; 10. Rheinallt Davies (KTM)