Touring rider, relaxed pleasure seeker or speed freak. Regardless the type of motorcyclist that you are or the type of motorcycle you ride, the right lubricant is always important. Lubricants are an essential element for the best performance of the motorcycle and other mechanical systems.

Our broad range of high-quality Road Products ensures that you can always count on the correct product. Since the products meet the factory specifications of different motorcycle makes, you will know that you are using the right one. In addition to engine oils, Putoline Oil also offers transmission oils and different maintenance products. Please refer to the advisory database to find the correct product for your motorcycle!



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You only want absolute top quality for your engine. From now on, N-TECH® additive technology represents the highest quality that Putoline Oil offers within the 4-stroke motorbike engine oil range. The use of N-TECH® products increases the lifespan of the engine and reduces maintenance costs. N-TECH® PRO R+ is at the top of a very extensive range, suitable for daily use right through to extreme use of your motorbike. This product replaces the Nano-Tech product range.

Engine oils with different viscosities for Road and Off Road use contain N-TECH® additive technology. In addition, Putoline Oil is introducing an entirely new racing product produced on the basis of N-TECH® additive technology.