Scooters are manoeuvrable, you will not get stuck in traffic and parking is easy. You can just leave your scooter anywhere. It should not come as a surprise than that they are becoming ever more popular. Mopeds and scooters have simply become part of the landscape in many countries. Regardless of whether you have a cool retro model or, on the contrary, a robust model, the correct maintenance is very important!

Our broad range of high-quality Scooter Products ensures that you can always count on the correct product. Since the products meet the factory specifications of different makes, you will know that you are using the right one. In addition to engine oils, Putoline Oil also offers transmission oils and different maintenance products. But there is more! Our special ‘Strawberry Scented’ 2-stroke products will turn heads when you ride past. The new ‘Scooter 4T 5W-40’ is based on the latest generation of additive technology for optimum protection and saving.

Please refer to the advisory database to find the correct product for your scooter!




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