Straight after the BEC at Knighton Greg headed out to round three of the UEM championship in Italy. So far this season Greg has dominated the E2 Senior class by winning each of the 4 days so far and also enjoyed top 3 overall results at each round.

Greg described the event as very hot and dusty with temperatures around 40 degrees !! , a typical Italian Enduro which used a river bed for the extreme test and a very fast, long, dusty and dangerous cross-country test. Greg won several extreme tests and MX tests overall but played cautious on the long cross country test and refused to take risk and choose to maintain a safe lead in the championship which he has again extended after this round.

Greg finished a very close second each day and won overall the E2 class being the most consistent rider, only steady cross country test times which where around 8minutes and 30 seconds cost him winning both days, in general he was about 8-10 seconds a test too slow there and the other two tests where to short to make up the difference, loosing day 1 by only 3 seconds and day 2 by 13 seconds.

Greg Evans “This has been the hardest round so far for me, very dry and hot and nothing like we ride in the UK, so to be coming away with another 2 days of good results and to extend my championship lead is great. I felt really good in the extreme and MX test and won quite a few overall, but I just did not feel comfortable in the cross-country test and decided not to take any risk and ride tactically, it proved a good decision as many riders had accidents there, once again by KTM 305 EXC-F worked perfectly and it has the perfect combination of power and weight when the conditions are

Current UEM Championship Standings E2 Senior Class
1 Greg Evans Mounter KTM 305EXC-F 140 pts
2 Mickael Meige France Honda 125 pts
3 Arnaud Devisy France Suzuki 103 pts
4 Maurizio Faccin Italy Yamaha 101 pts
5 Andrea Beconi Italy Suzuki 94 pts