World Championship points for Petrov and Brakke in Grand Prix of Portugal


Petrov scored 9 points in the MX2 and Brakke managed to score 5 in MX1. In the first heat, Marc de Reuver twisted his weak ankle, he didn’t start in the second heat.

In the first heat, Petrov didn’t manage to make it to the top 20 but in the second round he reached the 17th place, in the end he pushed through to the 15th and maintained his position when he finished. In the second heat, Petrov had to come forward from behind, not an easy task in Agueda. But he succeeded during the match and he knew how to make it to an 18th place, after a beautiful manoeuvre he even reached the 17th place! In the day classification Petar ended on the 17th place and in the interim score for the World Championship he now holds the 17th position.

In the MX1 class, the Yamaha Van Beers team had some misfortune. Marc de Reuver twisted his weak ankle and couldn’t continue the match. Marc has decided to take some rest in the coming weeks and will return when he is fit again.

Herjan Brakke kept the Van Beers Racing team banner wave. In the first heat he succeeded to reach the 18th position but fell back to the 19th. In the end he finished 20th and scored one World Championship point doing that. This point made him want more and a very optimistic Herjan started the second heat. The tempo was very high and this cost him a few positions, but, in the end, he made his way back to the 17th position! He maintained his position en finished 17th scoring four points by doing that. In the day classification, Herjan ended 20th and in the interim score for the World Championship he holds the 32th position after six matches.

The next match for the World Championship will be the coming weekend in La Beneza, Spain.