Introduction new Putoline Oil 20 litre and 60 litre packaging


New 20 litre pail and 60 litre drum in full color print work

We are about to start the phased retirement of the metal 25 litre Putoline Oil packaging. Inspired by the latest working condition directives – 25 litres is now too heavy to lift - and the vulnerability of this metal packaging, we will phase in the new Putoline Oil full colour plastic packaging over the coming months. This packaging is extremely user friendly, and it goes without saying that the corresponding taps will be available. We believe that the design will appeal to you, and that it will increase the brand recognition of Putoline Oil.

We are also working on full colour print work for the new 60 and 200 litre packaging, which will be unique in the sector. We are convinced that this will give Putoline Oil an even better quality look that you will benefit from.