'Gas Gas' Danny McCanney wins Britisch sprint enduro under 23 championship


McCanney only needed a handful of points from the weekend's racing at Berwyn Leisure Park in North Wales to secure the Under 23 title and this he did with a cautious second in class (fourth overall) on the first of this two day event. Freed from the pressure of tying up the championship, McCanney then rode free and fast to simply dominate the last day of the series.

Danny McCanney: “I am so very very pleased. Coming into the weekend I knew I had to tie up the Under 23s and I rode day one with that in mind. So on day two I was able to ride exactly as I wanted. In fact I crashed quite a few times because of that but obviously I was still fast enough. To take the overall, to be the absolute fastest on the day is a special feeling – and is the icing on the championship cake!”

Steve Plain, Gas Gas team manager : “We're just delighted. We did the job we set out to do, to win the Under 23 championship. And then Danny showed exactly what his full potential is, winning the second day outright. And he did this on a course that was probably one of the most technical we've seen all year, with ditches, bogs and a tough extreme section – it was real enduro terrain, not a flat field motocross. No question, Danny's on top form.

"I'm also delighted we maintained a 100% reliability record with the Gas Gas CC300 throughout this championship. Again, Danny was able to show this weekend how this bike can combine serious speed with pin-point agility and manageability through the trickiest of enduro going. We race these championships to prove our product and when we can prove it like this we can't help but be so delighted. Viva Gas Gas!"

Team Gas Gas UK’s sponsors are: S3, Renthal, Talon, Michelin, Putoline and trialendurodirect.com