British Enduro Sprint Championship Rounds Berwyn Leisure Park


The course was set on both sides of the steep valley which consisted of a base layer of rock and shale covered in a thin layer of grass and incorporated an intense extreme section, mx track and numerous ditch crossings. With the weather forecast good for the weekend it meant the racing would be fast and furious and the closely contested Under 23 class was no exception as Britain’s current crop of talented youngsters set the pace.

Midwest Husaberg UK rider Alex Rockwell continued his rivalry with fellow Manxman Danny McCanney and on-form Jonny Walker for supremacy in the Under 23 class, with all 3 riders pushing themselves and their machines to the limits setting the leading times in their class and also the competition overall. None of the 3 riders faltered and it was Jonny Walker who came out on top closely followed by McCanney & Rockwell. On day 2 the course was run in reverse direction and with the weather still good it would mean the pace would be fast from the start.

With his Husaberg FE390 performing perfectly though the whole event, Alex Rockwell was in a determined mood to improve on his position and immediately resumed the fierce battle with Danny McCanney and Jonny Walker but on lap 2 Alex tried to double jump some logs in the extreme section and came up short falling and injuring his left wrist but continued on only losing 10 seconds. Then on the next lap it was Jonny Walkers turn to make a mistake again in the extreme section which left him too far behind for contention of the top position. With that in mind Alex rode the rest of the day protecting his injured wrist and secure his runner-up position in the Under 23 championship but so fast were the Under 23 riders that McCanney went on to win the event overall and Rockwell finished in 3rd overall.

It was a disappointing end to Elite rider Si Wakelys championship when his employers failed to give him time off on the Saturday to compete which meant he missed this day’s competition which dropped him to eventually finish his championship in 6th place. Fellow supported Midwest Husaberg riders also had a successful weekend with Jon Hinam (TE300) finishing 9th in the Elite class on both days followed by James Jackman (TE300) in 12th and 11th. Expert class rider Tyson Maytom-Jones (FX450) finished 3rd and 7th with Rich Ely (FE390) having his best results of the year in 5th and 2nd positions. Young Under 19 rider Aaron Smith completed his weekend in 13th and 11th places. Midwest Racing would like to take this opportunity to thank all its sponsors and dedicated helpers without whom the success of the team could not be achieved.