Race Report Varsseveld | Steffi Layer


After the big crash she had in the second round of the Dutch Open it was time to get revanch! The Rabbit Kawasaki was ready to rock and so she did. Putting the fastest time on the chart with 5 sec advance on the second rider it looked smooth.

The race would be one complete walk over. Starting the first race with a lead in first corner she was gone... After 25 minutes of racing Steffi collected the victory.

The second race would have the same scenario. Not having   the best start, it just took a few corners before the German champion took the lead... She would have a smooth ride with a 35sec gab on 2nd rider...

Steffi Laier: " I really feel more and more one with the bike. I have been on a KTM for 14 years but the bike really gives me different feeling of riding, which I like a lot. I was very pissed about the crash in the 2nd round of the championship in Valkenswaard. I really want to go for all the wins in the championship as the team is Dutch and they work hard to give the best support! I just took it  a little bit smoother today and pushed myself less hard than the other rounds... I am happy with the win and looking forward for the next round..."

Final Results

1. Steffi Layer
2. Nicky van Wordragen
3. Marielle de Mol