Putoline Oil Preferred Partner of Kawasaki


Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. and Putoline Oil have concluded a cooperation agreement. With effect from 1 April 2012 Putoline Oil is the Preferred Partner for lubricating oils in the Benelux region. In Putoline Oil Kawasaki has found a reliable partner that guarantees quality.

It is stipulated in the 2-year contract that Putoline Oil is the Preferred Partner for lubricating oils. Kawasaki will promote the lubricating oil brand within its dealer network and there will be close cooperation between the brands. Joint promotions will be conducted on a fairly regular basis in the years to come.

Putoline Oil products will be applied and used for testing at the workplace in Hoofddorp. Also, the motorcycles of the Bleuk Pro Bike Stunt Team will be lubricated with Putoline Oil. Various Kawasaki models will be exhibited by the Putoline Oil racing team during the approaching ONK competitions.

Kawasaki Benelux has recently greatly intensified its media promotions. Putoline Oil will be playing a role here as Preferred Partner. Kawasaki’s media campaign also includes the new magazine GreenLines with the supporting websites green-lines.be and green-lines.nl. Putoline Oil will be contributing its knowledge of lubricating oils for these media. The comprehensive advice database will be made available on the website, for instance.