Steffi in control with double win


Steffi was in full power and took over the leading position in the Dutch open. After a good rest, she really wanted to put the Rabbit Kawasaki on the podium again! And she did. The World Champion made a clear win with a gap of more than 50 seconds on the 2nd rider. With this double win she takes the lead in the championship again.

STEFFI LAIER: " After my sickness at the GP of Valkenswaard, I needed to slow down a bit on doctors advice. Before the ONK race in St: Isidorushoeve I was riding my bike only one time. The track looked very nice with some good jumps in it. At our timepractice the track had nearly no ruds and the dirt was very slippery to control the bike. After some laps I found my rythm and I did put the fastest laptime on the charts with nearly 5 secs gap. With a good feeling I went to the startgate and when those dropped I hit the gas and made a strong holeshot. After the first lap I already had a gap of 14 secs. I had everything under control. The second race was similar to the first race but the track was much rougher and it was very difficult to ride with the long and deep ruds of the sidecars. I had a good start but I slippede away in the corner. With this winning I took the lead of the ONK Dutch Open Championship. Thanks to the Team Rabbit Racing Kawasaki and Promax who were there to help me. Big thanks also to all my other sponsors.”