The Polar Ice Ride!

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Finally there’s time for an update. Sorry that it took me so long, it’s very busy. This is no excuse, but it’s the reason. A lot of preparations are ready, or are nearly there. But there is still an awful lot to do. Each time when I can remove an item from my list, somewhere else a new one appears. This I recognise from previous travel preparations. Sometimes this means stress, but it has definitely something nostalgic!

A lot happened since my first edition of the newsletter to all the people, companies and clubs who support my Polar Ice Ride Adventure. Below I describe most of the important items. Hopefully I didn’t forget any. If so, you get them in the next newsletter.

Video, First the happy announcement that the Polar Ice Ride introduction video is online. In brief it tells about what I’ve done previously, and, what I’m going to do now! Again Marcus Kingma of Reismotor delivered a perfect video. This video and all the following ones will be brought online via the YouTube channel of sponsor Clymer. I would appreciate it a lot If you share the YouTube link with all your friends. Let the whole world know what’s going to happen!

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