VLM race Keiheuvel-Balen in Belgium


On March 3rd I did ride my first official race again after 6 months of injury. We had the pleasure to ride at the Keiheuvel in Balen where only 2 races in a year are allowed. Its well known as very deep and heavy sand. This year everybody said the track was heavier than ever.

I was nervous to see how my first event with the ladies would go. The practice went well, but the track was not comparable to the race later as it was still very flat for the Keiheuvel. My laptime was good enough for the pole position in the race.

The start to the first race was ok but I got a hit on the gate and I needed to push to be on top in the first corner. After the corner I was second but it took only a couple of meters to take over the lead and I kept it till the finish.

The start to the second heat was better and I took the holeshot and immediatle the lead. The track was pretty bumpy but I found my rythm and could make my gap bigger till to the finish line. I am happy to win the trophy of the „Queen of Sand“ and would like to thank all my sponsors and supporters who helped me.