Team STR KTM Race Report


Si Racha, Thailand. Sunday 10th March 2013. After relief from the heat of the night race at Qatar, Team STR KTM riders were now faced with the high temperatures and humidity of Thailand.

Qualifying Race

Barragan missed the jump and was near the back of the field but somehow managed to force his way through to finish the first lap in 10th, but a mistake cost him two places and after losing a couple more, he eventually finished in 14th place. Law was feeling the heat but hung in there for 22nd.

Race 1

Barragan made a great start in 10th and made two early passes to move into 8th but just after the end of the first lap he had a big crash which relegated him to last place. After restarting, he soon found his rhythm and started to reel in the pack making passes. By the midway point he was up to 15th and looked like he would catch the group in front until he dropped it again.

Although it didn’t cost him any places it stopped his forward momentum and he was only able to make one more pass, to eventually finish in 14th.

Law finished the first lap in 19th and halfway through the race was up to 18th. As the race drew to a close, he started closing in on 17th and although he didn’t actually catch the rider in front, a late DNF by Bobryshev handed him the place which he held to the end for a well-deserved 4 points. Although Law had made it into the top eighteen which should mean automatic qualification for the Super-Final, the rules dictate that if any riders finish outside the top eighteen and are in the top 10 of the World Championship, they automatically qualify and with Bobryshev and Simpson both in this position it meant that Law missed out by one position. With only around 25 minutes before the last-chance qualifier and with the conditions being so severe it was decided that it was better to settle for what he had and save himself for another day.

Race 2. (Super-final)

Barragan started just outside the top twenty and immediately set about making passes but just before the end of the first lap he had his front wheel taken away as he was attempting another pass. After picking himself up and a rapid detour into the pits for quick repairs he was back on track, but this time with a mountain to climb. Nearly a lap down, he was soon in the clutches of the front five and knew not to get involved, instead, after letting them through he latched onto the back of Searle and tailed him comfortably for six laps until his back brake boiled, forcing him to retire. His 14 – 20 finishes netting him eight points for 16th overall in the Championship.

Barragan said: “I had good speed but made too many crashes today. We made some changes to the bike this week; it felt much better and I am really motivated to work with Harry and the team. I need to stay calmer in the races but I think it’s all coming good.”

Law added: “It was a big improvement on last week. The long race in such high temperatures and humidity made it really hard, but I was happy with the end result. Confusion over qualification for the Super-Final put a bit of a downer on it, but I’m real happy to come away with points on the board. The race experience will be good for next week’s British Championship.”

Team Manager, Steve Turner said: “Jamie rode much better than last week and deserved his four points. He was really unlucky not to automatically qualify for the Super-Final, but “rules are rules” as they say.

“Jonathan showed great speed throughout, but made too many mistakes.  If he can cut those errors, he will be up there with the front guys.”