First GP Race Valkenswaard


At 31. March and 01. April we had the first GP race for the WMX World Championship at Valkenswaard/ Netherlands. We all expected a deep sand track like Valkenswaard usually is, but as it was so unbelievably cold that it was more hard ground than sand. Both days in the morning at practice, the track was still frozen and slippery. I took it easy as frozen ground is not my favorite. It was overall difficult for me to find my rythm as I did practice only deep sand for this GP and did not ride  on the hard pack one time. Both days, it was difficult for me to choose for the right tyres. One time paddle, the other time mid-hard tyre and back again and back again....

The time practice was going well for me. The track still wasn't 'defrosted' and we had pretty flat track conditions. I could ride the 2nd fastest time.

My start to the qualification race was not so good as I came bad out of the gate. Maybe the paddle was not the right choice as the start was still pretty hard. However I came back on place 5 and did end the qualification race on place 4. I didn't push hard as a Top 5 place is always a good starting position.
In both main races I could catch the holeshot. I am very happy about this and want to say thank you to my Team Rabbit Racing Kawasaki for the great bike.

Heat one I could just not go with the high speed of the first 3 and just rode my own race. In the middle of the race I also needed to fight with armpump and ended 4th in the first heat. Second heat did start better, I could stay longer on the 2nd position till I slipped away in a corner. Some
people say I was slipping away on an ice plate on the track. I was about place 10 when it happened. I tried to push the complete race to come as far as possible to the front. I had less armpump but the last 3 laps were just surviving as my condition is not 100% yet. I was happy to end again on place 4. So 4th place till now in the World Championship. My goal of Top 5 is reached.

Everybody always expects more also when you tell yourself that top 5 is enough. For sure I wanted to stand on the podium again after such a long time of injury but in my circumstances and with the practicing time I had, I can be satisfied that I have reached place 4. I have been walking without crutches for four months now and I am happy with this result. Thanks to all people who helped and supported me. To all my sponsors and special to my Team Rabbit Racing Kawasaki who gave me the chance to come back.