WMX Slovenia Italy | Steffi Layer


We had a long time break and I did practice a lot to be good at the next WMX race. In the race break I did do several races and most of the time I was riding with the guys. I rode races in Belgium and a big race in Luxembourg, which I could win and was great fun. (Many thanks to the club Kopstal-Bridel) At 08. +09. June the WMX had their 2nd Round of the World Championship at Orehova Vas / Slovenia. We had sunny weather and it was very hot the whole weekend. I wasn't used to that anymore as I expected a muddy race after the long rain period.

So actually the complete weekend was solid for me. I had hole shot in the qualification heat but I slipped away in the corner and someone did hit me hard in my leg. I did try then to push not to hard to save some energy for the Sunday. I did finish 3rd in the heat.

I had a very good start in the first heat but I was riding a too big corner and some riders could pass me in the inside and I was blocked. The first laps I was riding on place 3 but I didn’t find my rhythm and was not able to push. I did finish on a unhappy place 4. Second heat I was riding solid and relaxed. My start was not so good but after half a lap I was on place 2 and finished on this position. Overall I became 2nd.

I am very happy to be back on the podium after such a long off time. The weekend after it immediately followed the next GP race in Maggiora / Italy. The only thing I can say it was very very hot there but a beautiful track. I had hole shot in the qualification heat and could lead the race almost 4 laps. I let pass the 2 riders behind me as they pushed very hard. I finished on place 3.

First heat I came not as good out of the start gate but pushed hard to be in the front. I was on place 2 but I dropped back to place 4 because I didn't choose the right lines. I came very close to the 3rd place again but after 4 laps a lapped rider jumped across and we did hit each other in the air. I landed on her bike and went hard over my handlebar. Still a bit dizzy and searching my bike and continued the race. The first lap afterthe crash I still lost 2 places, as I could not concentrate because of pain. My bike was also a little bit bent everywhere. I did breath and did fight again. I gave all and finished still on a nice place 3. Sunday was the second heat. Around the corner I was on place 3 but a stupid mistake cost me the place 3. We did fight the complete race. In the end I was faster again but it was not able for me to find a line trough. On the finish line was not even a gap of 1 second.

Overall I became 2nd at this GP race. I am still working for more and it’s not over till its over! In the overall standing in the Championship I am now standing on place 4 but only 1 point from place 3 and 2 points from place 2.

I want to say many thanks to my team Rabbit Racing Kawasaki Benelux Racing, to all of my sponsors, helpers, fans and my parents.