Brakke and Simpson representing their country in the MX des Nations


Two riders of the JK SKS Gebben Racing Yamaha Team were participating in the MX des Nations in Teutschenthal, Germany. Herjan Brakke had a difficult race. Herjan was riding in the open class for Team Holland with Glenn Coldenhoff and Marc de Reuver.
In the first moto he took a good start and was riding around fifteenth position. Herjan had a few good battles in the beginning of the race but unfortunately he crashed with several other riders and lost a lot of time. Herjan was in a lot of pain but tried to make it to the finish line. Because the crash had cost him a lot of time he finished the race in 37th position.

In the second moto his start was not to great, he had to start the race in the back of the field. He started a charge back through the field but unfortunately he crashed twice and was still in pain from his first moto crash. He struggled to find his rhythm during the race and finally crossed the finish line in 33rd position.

Herjan finished in seventeenth position in the open class and together with Team Holland he finished in eleventh position in the nations classification.

Shaun Simpson was riding for Team Great Britain with Tommy Searle and Jake Nicholls. Shaun was riding in the open class and took a good start in the first moto. He started the race in the top five and had a nice rhythm going. Unfortunately after a few laps his front brake line got hit by a big stone and split the pipe. Due to this he lost fluid and had no front brake anymore. Despite this he tried to keep the pace as high as he could but unfortunately he lost a lot of positions and finished the race in eighteenth position.
In the second moto he crashed in the start and had to come back from the back of the pack. With a high pace he managed to pass one rider after another and finally finished the race in a strong twelfth position.

Overall he finished in fourth position in the open class and together with Team Great Britain he finished in sixth position in the nations classification.

Overall open class:
1 Justin Barcia 15
2 Tanel Leok 23
3 David Philippaerts 24
4 Shaun Simpson 30
5 Todd Waters 33
17 Herjan Brakke 70

Nations classification:

1 Belgium 27
2 USA 30
3 Italy 33
4 Australia 40
5 France 44
6 Great Britain 49
7 Germany 57
8 Russia 78
9 Switzerland 87
10 Estonia 92
11 Holland 99