Herjan Brakke scores four World Championship points in the Czech Republic


Herjan Brakke of the HB Gebben Racing Kawasaki Team has scored four World Championship points at round fourteen of the World MXGP Series in Loket, Czech Republic. Herjan had a setback in the first lap of both motos and had to come back through the field. In the first moto he charged back to twentieth position and in the second moto he crossed the finish line in eighteenth position.

The track in Loket was dry and extremely hard. Herjan had a good feeling on the track on Saturday. Unfortunately he struggled to find his rhythm in the beginning of the qualifying heat. After a few laps things started to go better and finally he managed to finish the race in 22nd position.

Herjan had a not so good gate pick in both motos but in the first moto he managed to take a decent start. Unfortunately his starting device was still in when he went through the first turn and this meant that he had to go back to the pits to get it fixed. When he was back on the track he found his rhythm straight away and was riding good lap times. He charged back to twentieth position and at the finish he was behind the eighteenth and nineteenth place rider. This gave him a good feeling for the second moto.

His start in the second moto was good and he came out of the first corner in tenth position. Unfortunately he hit a stone during the first lap and crashed. He dropped back to last position and had to start a charge back through the field. During the race he worked himself up to seventeenth position but unfortunately he got passed by Max Nagl in the closing stages of the race and finished the race in eighteenth position.

Herjan is satisfied about his riding in Loket. Overall he finished in 21st position and with still three Grand Prix races to go he sits in 30th position in the World Championship Standings. The next Grand Prix will be held in Lommel, Belgium this weekend.

Overall Grand Prix MXGP Loket:
1 Jeremy van Horebeek 47 Pnt
2 Kevin Strijbos 45 Pnt
3 Antonio Cairoli 42 Pnt
4 Gautier Paulin 30 Pnt
5 Shaun Simpson 29 Pnt
21 Herjan Brakke 4 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Antonio Cairoli 619 Pnt
2 Jeremy van Horebeek 562 Pnt
3 Clement Desalle 484 Pnt
4 Kevin Strijbos 469 Pnt
5 Steven Frossard 333 Pnt
30 Herjan Brakke 31 Pnt