KFI Racing Race Report: GP10 Teutschenthal


The Talkessel track of Teutschenthal hosted the tenth round of the FIM motocross world championship last weekend. The German track, known for being superfast and technical, has been on the calendar for many years and is favorited by many riders.

After a disappointing weekend full of bad luck last week in Italy, Kevin hoped he would be able to represent his current speed in race results.
Bad luck seems to be following the Belgian though as a stone hit his goggles in the qualification race while riding in 12th. The lens popped out and Kevin needed to back off a little, losing four places.
A decent start in the first moto put Kevin in 17th at the first passage over the finish line. He immediately started a charge but on the second lap he lost his rear break. A bolt got loose and all the oil poured out, forcing Kevin to leave the race.
To make it even worse, Kevin’s engine broke down right before the start of the second moto. In a hurry he took the back-up bike which was less performant then the race bike. With this as a disadvantage Kevin gave all he had to finish 17th, finishing 4 points in the championship.
Kevin was 20th overall and is now 29th in the championship.
“ This year has been surreal until now. Over and over again I seem to get some problems… I feel good though and I’m convinced I can ride in the top 15, but all the time something stops me from doing well… In the first moto it was too dangerous to continue and in the second one it was impossible to fight against the others on a stock bike. I lost so much time on the straights lacking power from the bike. I have to stay positive though and I will keep working hard.”