Putoline Oil introduces 20 liter Bag-in-Box


Many Putoline Oil products that were already available in a 20-litre pail, will also be available as a 20-litre Bag-in-Box from December onwards.

The Bag-in-Box is not only the perfect, environmentally friendlier alternative to the plastic pail, but also a possible alternative to other packaging formats in the future. It is ideal for the packaging, transport and use of lubricants. Watch the video and see the benefits for yourself!

Good to know: the empty pail is made of 1100 grams of plastic, while the BiB pouch is made of just 116 grams of plastic (LLDPE (Class 2 recyclable product) high-quality plastic).

Using the BiB:

  • The special tap allows easy and drip-free dispensing, preventing air from getting into the packaging so there are no ‘glugging’ noises
  • The strategically positioned handles make it easy to carry and use the box
  • The pouch allows every last drop to be used up, therefore avoiding waste
  • The filled boxes are easy to stack, allowing you to make efficient use of your warehouse space
  • Waste materials are easy to separate after use

Additional benefits of this packaging

  • The surrounding box made from solid cardboard is waterproof and almost entirely recyclable, plus it provides optimal protection during transport
  • The pouches are especially suitable for storing the specific type of lubricant
  • Empty BiB packs take up 90% less space during transport compared with empty pails

20-litre Bag-in-Box Display

At the same time as developing the new Bag-in-Box packaging, we have also developed a practical Bag-in-Box display! The rack is easy to assemble and provides space for three Bag-in-Boxes. The display is supplied in a transport case that serves as a drip tray once the display has been assembled.

The Bag-in-Box fits in the existing 20-litre display as well as the new display.

BIB Display. Part.nr. 80297

For more information about the Bag-in-Box and/or the display you can contact our sales department.

+31 (0)546-818165