BLOG: The Travelkit


It doesn’t matter whether you take your motorcycle out for long rides or if you just enjoy a few short trips, you can’t avoid getting your motorcycle and motorcycle clothing dirty. So there is a good chance that you might also want to freshen up your helmet and motorcycle during a small pit-stop. Putoline has come up with a great way to make the most of your refuelling and rest stops: The Travelkit! A handy and compact kit with 3 of the most important necessities for a little maintenance: a helmet and visor cleaner, a ceramic chain wax OR a synthetic racing chain lubricant and a micro-fibre cloth.

Helmet Sanitizer, the ultimate helmet and visor cleaner
Helmet Sanitizer is a hygienic, foaming helmet cleaner. The product is quick and easy to use. Cleans and neutralises unpleasant odours in the helmet lining and leaves a fresh, citrus smell. Helmet Sanitizer is also suitable for cleaning the helmet shell and the visor. How to apply? Hold Helmet Sanitizer upright and spray onto the helmet lining, helmet shell or visor. Then use the microfiber cloth to wipe it off.

Tech Chain, ceramic chain wax

Tech Chain (Ceramic Wax) is a modern, high-grade chain lubricant. The product contains a unique wax formula combined with sophisticated additives, including PTFE. Tech Chain provides optimal protection to the chain under all operating conditions. Suitable for sporting and professional use on both O-ring and MX chains.

DX 11 Chain Spray, synthetic racing chain lubricant

DX11 Chain Spray is a synthetic chain lubricant. The unique, water-repellent formulation penetrates deep into the chain links and leaves a protective layer. DX11 is super adhesive and is non-fling. It provides perfect protection against corrosion and wear, reduces friction, and is clean in use. DX 11 Chain Spray is suitable for high performance levels in open, O-/X-/Z-ring chains on Road and Off Road motorcycles.

To sum up:  The Travelkit provides you with the ease of maintenance on the go!

How to lubricate your motorcycle chain?

Always lubricate the chain of your motorcycle after riding. Spray the inside of the chain while slowly turning the rear wheel. Spray until the chain has gone round in a full circle so that you are sure you have lubricated the whole chain. Please note that you need to wait for at least 15 minutes after lubricating your chain before riding your motorcycle. This way the spray can retract, which is good for the lifespan of the product.

How to use The Travelkit?
Click here for the video of how to use The Travelkit! 

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